Perhaps this is Albania. It was there, in this country so little known despite its long history, that these photos were taken. But this is not really the point.

This Albania—emerging from its deep darknesses with flashes of light, drawn out from its silken mists—is primarily the imprint of the photographer’s desire, a trace of his dream.

The sensuality and poetry that haunts these images bears witness to the intensity of the encounter, the emotional strength of the journey far more than to any objective or measurable reality. It is not a question of understanding, but of feeling and experiencing.

Is this not ultimately the only reality which lasts? Does the world exist outside the subjectivity of those who view it? If these photographs are an invitation to travel, it is not to a recognizable, identifiable country. No, they take us towards a different relationship with the world, a sensitive susceptibility to the inspirational that lies beyond those new, beckoning horizons.

—Myriam Louviot