My curiosity is like gravity: an inexorable force that drew me into numerous trips over the past decade across the vast lands of America. A variety of voyages—short and long, near and far, repeated but always fresh.

The trips have always been meandering and lingering between destinations physically and mentally. Oftentimes, I ended up arriving at the destination too late and exhausted. With piles of photographs bearing the witness of my journeys, I reconstruct the experience and moments that have already been diluted in my memory.

In my first meeting with Joanna looking at my photographs, she asked me “What exactly are you looking for?” I said, “I don’t know. I have to take photos first, then I will see.”

In fact, the photographs will not satisfy me but rather evoke more questions; soon there will be another trip, with my camera ever in hand.

—Hai Zhang
September 4, 2015