Fathers: Single Parent Dads

The year that followed my divorce was the most difficult of my life. Overwhelmed by panic, despair and confusion, the hardest thing for me was the possibility of the separation (and the resulting feelings) having a corrosive effect on my children.

However, through acceptance, forgiveness and love my ex and I found a way to celebrate our time together and truly become friends. Although involved in my children's lives, I am not the main carer. This project aims to celebrate the men who are.

The reasons these men became single parent dads are various, but they are all united in their commitment and love for their kids.

Farmers: 20 Years of Farming

My father was a farmer and I grew up on his pig farm. The farm dominated our lives, feeding and cleaning 70 sows a job without end. On Christmas Day we had to muck out before we could open our presents.

The only holiday I remember was a solitary week at the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay. My school friends were farmers too and, like me, their characters were formed by burden and responsibility. Strong, tough and stoic, the farm kids were left alone by the local bullies. When I moved to London to work as a photographer, I missed the structure, ritual and routine of farming.

Homesick and disoriented by the city, I'd return and make portraits of farmers that reflected how my life could have been.

This year, after two decades, I decided to photograph my farming friends again. While many of us in the West (or in cities) feel our lives becoming more chaotic, farming has a comforting regularity to it—and it's also a trade. These men know exactly what they will be doing until they are no longer physically able to continue. To me, this seems both wonderful and terrifying.

In our 20s we have no idea that we are at the height of our powers.

In our 40s, chastened by experience, we have a creeping realization that our best years may be behind us.

Hopefully these pictures will exhort the viewer to value what little time we have.

—Harry Borden

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