Family is difficult to explain. You were born into it, and it is the first thing you come to know.

Within your family you find (ideally) the security and the source for your development to become—some day—yourself.

Family is deeply plugged inside of us, sometimes deeper than we would like it to be. In the company of family you feel reminded to where you come from, you recall the untroubled days of being a child…but you might also remember conflicts and the absence of understanding.

How you see yourself also depends on how you perceive your family members. It is crucial how you look at them: lovingly, distantly, indulgently, disparagingly…it determines what you might see and what you don’t.

Over a period of three years I photographed my parents, my daughter and me. I wanted to create a story that goes beyond personal sensitivities. A story that tells us about becoming and being an adult; about closeness and distance in a family; about aspirations, buried anxieties, unspoken tensions; and of course about the unique and weird love that parents feel for their children and vice versa.

—Ina Schoenenburg