The photo series, Vortex, presents improbable portraits of individuals in awkward moments, looking stunned or stoned, at once suspended outside of the moment and/or inertly trapped by it. What binds this portrait series together is the “far-away look” in the eyes of the subjects, although the conditions that bring about those facial expressions are neither explained nor revealed. Are these moments of self-reflection? Ecstacy? Horror? Confusion?

By avoiding personal stories — we are assured that the work is not about the carnal experiences of specific individuals — Jan Q. Maschinski attempts to portray more universal (yet often hidden) emotions, feelings, reactions and intangible oddities, which are the prime subjects of his pictures.

The viewer encounters images which may refer to a subliminal distant past, repressed memory, or emotional trigger-point, while providing enough ambiguity to accommodate the viewers own associations.

— LensCulture

Editors’ note: We discovered this photographer and his work at the excellent Circulation(s) Festival of young European photographic talents showing in Paris in 2015.