I have been asked many times what it is that I “look for” when I look through my lens. I do not look for something, rather, I look at something, someone, some place or event, and attempt to capture the essence, the emotion and the soul of the subject, whether a person or a building.

There is so much beauty in our everyday and by “beauty” I do not speak of conventional beauty, but actually: harmony, truthfulness and that which is telling. The beauty most of us miss because we are looking down, too busy, or simple too clouded in our minds by preconceptions to see the inspiration and real beauty of our everyday world.

My background is as eclectic as my art. I have trained as a visual artist and ballet dancer and have earned several degrees. But at the end of the day, I live to create and create because that is what fulfills me.

I can only hope that my photography may open the viewers’ eyes to see in ways they have not seen before. To imagine and be inspired.

—Josephine Cardin