For over ten years now, I have been active in the film industry, working on features, commercials, shorts and corporate films.

Across all of these settings, what is evident is the remarkable visual friction between the fictional world we create and the daily world that we all inhabit. In the summer, we shoot snowy Christmas scenes; during wintertime, a sunny moment in an Eastern world.

What strikes me most is how fast we, as human beings, are able to adapt to situations that seem absurd to outsiders. For people working on film sets, fiction becomes a very real part of daily life, making reality interact with fiction in the most normal and therefore strangest of ways.

During a 76 day shoot, I decided to document the “reality” of a film set and the fiction of a drama, using only my smartphone. The idea was to capture one special moment during each shooting day and then sharing this image with the cast, crew and fans through social media.

The shooting period, which entailed no less than 1,000 hours of close collaboration, offered me the opportunity to come extremely close to my objects of interest and become a true “fly on the wall.” This has resulted in a series of intimate portraits as well as bizarre snapshots, each of which blur the line between fiction and reality.

—Jur Oster