According to one widely cited estimate, close to one trillion photos will be taken in 2014. Given that 2013 was already the "Year of the Selfie" (thank you, Oxford English Dictionary), one can safely imagine that our rapidly closing year has been filled with a more-than-modest number of selfies in its own right. 

But what if our cameras grew tired of pointing only at us? After all, these poor lenses can only take in so many pouty lips, sideways smiles, theatrical winks and staged kisses. What would it look like if the photo cameras decided to take their own selfies for a change? 

In this series, historical, bizarre and beautiful cameras capture photos of themselves. In the background: bright, colorful, contemporary wallpapers (the cameras thankfully decided against the usual bathroom location). We, the viewer, are out of the frame and instead serve as the subjects' (invisible) mirror.

In our digital age, the sensation and appreciation for physical, mechanical miracles seems to be largely disappearing. Yet "analog" film cameras stubbornly retain a strange and special character, a material fascination that keeps people coming back. 

While the world has been subjected to innumerable selfies in the past few years, these unusual self-portraits offer some genuine intimacy and unique personalities. The selfie is dead—long live the selfie!

—Alexander Strecker

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