“Can’t Put My Finger On It” shows absurd situations in which seeming simplicity is accompanied by a certain, deeper complexity.

In the photographer’s, Karmen Ayvazyan, own words, “There’s always a contrast in my work: behind the beauty and fragility of the images hides a disturbed feeling, a tangible tension. It’s a sort of balance between the fearful and the desirable.”

Looking through the photographs, we notice how its narratives are far from conventional, a fact underlined by the author herself, “The narratives adopted are strange and mysterious and often sensual.” At the same time, we become more and more fascinated by the unusual beauty of its characters.

The impression the viewer gets of this work is very intimate and personal. In the end, as Ayvazyan says, “I don’t want to share any important story or message; what I like to do is to give people a small part of the story and let them use their imaginations to complete the rest.”


Editors’ note: A slightly different version of this project was named winner of the Fictional Narratives Category, Mini-Series in the LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards 2015.