“Homebound” takes you on a journey through the veins of the “dark side” of Kowloon—a dense and rich area of Hong Kong that offers some of the best and worst of the city.

In quick cuts and staccato succession, the photographs guide you through a day and night in the area. You start on the bus from Chai Wa. Then, you are taken into the busy markets of Mong Kok, in which you dine at a dai pai dong [a type of traditional open-air food stall]. As the evening deepens, you peep into the lives of the girls of the night and then, finally, encounter the sleepless junkies.

Amidst these depths, you encounter the blue moment—a silence when the creatures of the night go quiet but the day ones haven’t awoken yet. Eventually the sun bursts through the darkness and energizes the streets back to hustling and bustling life again.

—KC Kwan