Warning: Adult content. May not be appropriate for all audiences.

The Object of (Sex and) Desire
, curated by Lars Schwander and Liza Fetissova at the Russian Tearoom Gallery, is one of the steamiest photography exhibitions in Paris at the moment. 

It was launched as part of the “Off” festival during the Month of Photography, and is still on show until 9 January 2011. This group show explores the blurry lines between love and lust, erotic art and pornography, sensuality, fetishism, transexuality, seduction, desire, and more.

Critical reviews of the show are mixed, but the exhibition does demonstrate the diverse ways that serious photographers from many cultures approach these highly-charged topics.

The show features work by many highly-respected photographers from around the world, including:

Antoine d’Agata, France
Nobuyoshi Araki, Japan
Nikolay Baharev, Russia
Alberto Garcia-Alix, Spain
Camilla Holmgren, Denmark
Evgeny Mokorev, Russia
Pierre Molinier, France
Margo Ovcharenko, Russia
Lars Schwander, Denmark
Jeffrey Silverthorne, USA
Jacob Aue Sobol, Denmark

The Russian Tea Room Gallery