We first discovered this work after it was submitted to the Exposure Awards 2014. Although it was not chosen as a finalist by the jury, the editors of LensCulture were impressed and decided to publish this feature article about it. Enjoy!

Mist creeps through the trees. Birds scatter in flight. Fragile and solitary, a bird’s body rests on the pavement. And All the Spaces In Between looks to the natural world and the intersections between earth and air to reflect a state of transition. It is a space marked by ambiguity and uncertainty, but ultimately a space of transformation. It is mirrored in the psychic world as a place between one state of being and another; a phase between separation and reintegration, where boundaries dissolve and reference points fall away.

My work focuses primarily on landscape, where I explore themes of transition and transience. I use photography’s essential tools of time and light to craft images which convey the ephemeral aspects of nature, often observing the landscape during the transitory moments between night and day.

Influenced by the works of the nineteenth century pictorialists, I try to apply their experimental approach to photography, creating a unique form of visual expression.

—Linda Plunkett