Hawrāmān (Persian: اورامان‎) is a mountainous region located within the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah in western Iran and in north-eastern Iraq within Iraq's Kurdistan Region. The inhabitants of Hawraman are Kurdish people and Hawraman is widely known for its unique arrangement of cities and villages built along the mountain slopes of the region. Ancient religions are also practiced throughout Hawraman and the region is home to the ancient holy places of the Yarsan faith.

In Kurdistan, on the 40th day of winter each year, the people celebrate Pir Shaliyar. The festival celebrates the wedding anniversary of the saint Pir—an important religious figure, whose tomb is located near Hawraman. The celebration occurs in three stages, across three weeks.

During the first week of Pir Shaliyar, children inform the people that the ceremony is coming by distributing walnuts to every home. In the second week, on the Wednesday night before sunrise, children go up to the roof of homes and sing the traditional Kurdish songs. Then, after the sun has risen, cows and sheep are sacrificed. In the final week, this time on Friday, golden bread is made in the shape of the sun and brought to the tomb and brought to the tomb of Pir. There, the bread is distributed and the celebrations conclude.

—M. Mehdi Fazelbeygi

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