“George Rodger belongs to the great tradition of explorers and adventurers. In spite of his impassive bearing, his emotions have become inscribed on film.”

—Henri Cartier-Bresson

On the occasion of Magnum Photos’ 70th year and the Aperture Foundation’s 65th, the two organizations have joined forces to present the final edition of 2017’s four Square Print Sales.

Each sale took its theme from one of Magnum’s four co-founders: this fourth and final round was inspired by George Rodger and has the title “Great Journeys.” Over the course of many decades, Rodger criss-crossed the globe, both making pictures and seeing the world with his own eyes. Completely self-taught, he photographed a wide range of subject matter: war graves in the Egyptian desert; wounded soldiers in Burma; London during the Blitz and De Gaulle’s celebration parade in Paris. As a photographer for Life in its heyday, he travelled to most major war zones, photographing what he saw for an American audience.

To celebrate Rodger’s legacy, LensCulture is partnering with Magnum Photos and Aperture to give you access to this limited sale of artist-signed and estate-stamped prints from a wide selection of renowned image-makers from the two organizations. The invited photographers—either members of Magnum or published by Aperture, and often, both—responded to the theme “Great Journeys” with an image from their archive, as well as accompanying text.

The sale will run from October 30 (8 AM EST) to November 3 (6 PM EST). Each museum-quality print can be yours for $100—but they will be available for only five days from the Magnum Photos online store.

Below, our editors have chosen 15 of their favorite images to give you a taste of what will be on sale. We hope you enjoy this selection. Visit Magnum’s page to see the full selection.