Marcus Erixson is a young photographer (born 1982 in Sweden) who is drawn to the grit and grain and contrasts of raw life. A sad poetic dreamer, like a Kerouac with a camera, he bounces stream-of-consciousness-like through the long winter nights of the north, gathering and stitching together moments of tenderness, delusion, suffering, birth, sex, seduction, loneliness, longing, death, beauty and ugliness.

Almost all of his photos stand on their own as touching and perceptive works of art and reportage of real life. Yet when combined as a sequence of seemingly disconnected images, one begins to apprehend a deeper inner Erixson — one who is using his eyes and a camera to record a range of surface impacts and feelings that transcend the specific and personal, and begin to speak of universal connected truths.

In 2003, Erixson was the only Swedish photographer represented in a group exhibition curated by Anders Petersen, called Isolation and Togetherness. Two years later he began to work as a photographic assistant to both JH Engstrom and Anders Petersen. The influence of these masters is certainly here in this early body of work, as is his own unique voice of experience. I think he will be one to watch.

—Jim Casper