In her series entitled "Daughters", Margaret M. de Lange presents black-and-white photographs taken of her two daughters during the summers of their childhood. Though the project began in 1993 and continued through 2002, it wasn’t until both daughters were old enough to grant their permission that de Lange took the step of exhibiting the work.

The images depict the two girls enjoying their summers out of doors, barefoot and often bare-bodied, in a dark and grainy, high-contrast style. In the photographs, the children seem to be a part of the nature around them, with dirt and grass clinging to knees and feet, with hoods of animal skin; they become like the creatures of Scandinavian folklore that, as de Lange explains, “were said to appear at twilight, and were always beautiful, but often evil as well.”

And so we view the daughters, captured as they linger in a hazy half-darkness, in that time between day and night and an age between child and adult, exploring, discovering, and experiencing all of those little adventures which amount to growing up. These “creatures” exhibit their initiated ways through various little clues: dead birds hanging from string, bold stares from beneath furry capes. All together, the effect is unabashedly dark and earthy, yet calm and elegantly matter-of-fact.

As for the daughters, the photographs represent a precious conservation of memory. “She has preserved random pieces of our childhood, and we treasure those moments,” says Jannicke de Lange, speaking for herself and her younger sister, Catherine.

Text courtesy Foley Gallery, New York

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by Margaret M. de Lange
Soft cover : 58 pages
237 x 340 cm
Publisher: Trolley
ISBN: 978-1-904563-64-8
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