Six years old and going strong, Circulation(s) is a Paris-based festival that showcases young and emerging photographic talents from across Europe. In the weeks leading up to this year’s edition, we will be sharing some of our favorite photographers from the program. We’re also excited to be working with Circulation(s) as an official media partner. Look out for more information regarding the festival in the weeks to come!

The Irish landscape was littered with electoral campaign advertising during the recent European, local and national by-elections.

“Vote No. 1” documents this environmental phenomenon and examines the culture of election advertising in Ireland.

The series focuses on the accidental, and often gruesome, disfigurements the electoral candidates’ faces suffer—an unintended consequence of their posters’ erection.

These images reflect the Irish electorate’s increasing disillusionment with the political process after years of harshening austerity politics.

—Mark Duffy

Editors’ Note: ”Vote No.1” has recently been published in an edition of 500 including 100 special editions. Each special edition features covers hand-made by the artist from recycled election posters such as those featured in the book and bound using plastic ties.

“Vote No.1” was the recipient of the Vienna Photobook Award 2015 and was shortlisted for the Luma Recontres Dummybook Award Arles. In addition, Gerry Badger (co-author of The Photobook: A History) recently described “Vote No.1” as “displaying all the qualities that mark the best conceptual photobooks.”

Vote No. 1
by Mark Duffy
Photographs: Mark Duffy
Text: Mark Duffy
Publisher: AnzenbergerEdition
56 pages