Sicily: a near-present just passed.

What do I photograph and why? What attracts me most?

These photos form a sequence exploring what is far from the usual Mediterranean stereotypes and commonly shown ”tòpoi.” These are not winking postcards, conveying a glossed-over image of land and art and ancient history in perfect harmony.

Neither do we see iconic visions of black-dressed mamas, godfathers and religious festivals. These are visual sketches of my own internal landscapes. Places where “The City is as old as Time and continuous with it,”¹where every place has been (or is going to be) colonized by man-made artifacts.

Suspended: between past and future, sky and earth, as suspended as the buildings and structures that seem to grow up spontaneously from the soil.

In turning my mindscapes into reality, in choosing my subjects, I’ve created, without a deliberate decision, a time-jumping effect. We pass from the unfinished, to ruins; incomplete buildings and to-be projects mix with various outcomes. These are spaces re-conquered, wounds in the present, delirious projections into the future.

—Massimo Cristaldi

¹ In “The Best Short Stories of J. G. Ballard”