Matthew Wylie is one of the 31 winners and finalists of the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2015! We are proud to present the work of these photographers who show us why street photography today remains as fresh and vibrant as ever!

While street photography is often used to document “life as it is,” I often reject this pursuit and use the streets as a canvas to capture and create my own view of the world and of art. Usually, this comes in the form of using the camera or the frame to “abstract” my subject(s). The abstractions, at least to me, lead to a more interesting method of storytelling than pure documentary.

With a background in academics and writing, I am interested in exploring the various relationships that exist among words, images, and the gaze, both collective and personal, conscious and subconscious. Rather than merely document reality, my hope is to harness abstraction and beauty from it. I hope my images can provide an exercise in seeing, or an antidote to blindness.

—Matthew Wylie