1. to cause to combine or coalesce; unite.

2. to combine, blend, or unite gradually so as to blur the differences of.

3. to become combined, united, or absorbed; lose identity by blending.

4. to combine or unite into a single organization, body, etc


The project “Merge” started when I got into street photography after I discovered Matt Stuart’s work in 2014. His unique style has a big influence on how I watch things that happen on the streets — I believe it even changed the way I move in a big crowd of people during rush hour.

I think it’s interesting that photography gives us the possibility to re-create new realities by photographing how we want to see it. Like using different layers to create two dimensional objects, or the opportunity to obscure people’s faces to anonymize them. I began to see the streets as a photographic playground. So I’ve started to explore the streets for situations and moments when a subject/object becomes one with their environment. Merging.

I don’t try to force new pictures. What I try to do is to be patient and attentive.

Good attitutes, like patience and attention, are well known benefits from practicing street photography.

— Max Slobodda