The photographic series, "Landscapes," by Monika Wiechowska was created in 2007 in the United States. The artist was on a residency there, and shortly thereafter settled permanently in New York City. The pictures seem to document her gradual submergence in the (chiefly urban) landscape of the United States. The images they create are utterly subjective, marked by the author's sensitivity and life experience.

We will not find postcard images here like the Statue of Liberty or the 'Hollywood' sign in Los Angeles, instead, Wiechowska is interested in 'no-go' neighborhoods, forgotten areas (Coney Island, New Jersey) whose time has passed, even though its traces are still to be seen here and there; atypical images of well-known cities which, were it not for the hint offered by the title, we would probably not recognize.

— Magda Kardasz