Munem Wasif is a young photographer from Bangladesh. His book Belonging is about Old Dhaka, the historic part of the country's capital, Bangladesh. Wasif lived for some time in this area and photographed the district's daily life. His work allows us to see the city from a personal perspective rather than through the lens of the news photographer, whose focus is often limited to the latest devastating flood or earthquake.

Old Dhaka is a familiar place for Wasif  and this familiarity gives him insider's access to the neighborhood. In turn, Wasif lets his viewers in on artful and intimate views of daily life: a restaurant chef preparing the day's meals, a man getting a shave near the river, children playing, family and friends enjoying quiet time together, religious celebrations, a morning screening at an old cinema. 

The sequencing of the various scenes creates, as Christian Caujolle writes at the end of the book, a 'reinvention of a story that isn't there but nonetheless has the freedom to exist'. In other words, it allows the viewer to wander the streets of Old Dhaka on his or her own terms, to imagine stories and narratives, and to daydream about what Old Dhaka might be like. 

—Marc Prüst

by Munem Wasif
Publisher: Editions Clémentine de la Feronnière
Hardcover: 160 pages