Islamic Fashion is a kind of new industry, which is growing very fast in some Islamic countries such as Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia. According to French Fashion University Esmod in Dubai in 2010, the global Muslim fashion industry would be worth $96 billion if half of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims spend just $120 a year on clothing.

Malaysian as an Islamic developing country tries to grasp its own share from this market by investing on this industry. The Malaysian government promised his best support to make this country as the hub for Islamic fashion business despite of some angry protests from fundamental Islamic groups. Every year some international Islamic fashion shows take place in this country.

In previous years, I’ve noticed that the face of streets in the capital and big cities of this small but important country in South-East Asia is going to change fast. The Muslim women who used to show up with traditional long and loos dress (Baju Korong) prefer most colorful and different style of dress along with heavy make up. In this photography project I’ve tried my best to document this change through street photography portraits.

—Nafise Motlaq