I have never taken part in the parade itself, but when I watch it on TV, at least I get to see the costumes that I made. In those moments, I feel that, somehow, I’m also there.

—Carla Alves, 20 years old, costume and props artisan.

As usual, the annual “Carnival” celebration landed in Brazil and images from the celebration were highlighted in medias across the world. The color, the music and the life were essential to injecting some joy to the usual “parade” of wars, deaths and disasters.

Despite the profusion of media attention, many people who gave decisive contributions to the Carnival didn’t receive any merit, notice or credit. Many workers who gave themselves 24/7 for the entire month were completely invisible in the representations of the event.

Artisans, sculptors, builders, seamstresses, cleaners, street vendors, security guards, parade stewards, musicians, dancers and many other workers take a significant part in the show yet never appear to the outside world.

These photos show the “other” side of the Carnival—the preparations, the spectators, the hard workers behind the scenes. Although not everyone can take center stage, there is so much more to show than meets the eye.

—Peter Bauza