What is the look of a blind person? Can unseeing eyes show joy, happiness, disappointment, pain, suffering, pity, regret? Does the absence of sight on the part of the subject also convey an absence of complicity with the camera’s lens?

We use the term “blind” indiscriminately. In other words, a blind person can be fat, poor, rich, white, black, woman or child. It doesn’t matter if blindness happens in Africa, Asia, or in the oldest parts of Europe. Wherever the person is, they cannot see the light, the colors or the daily scenes around. They can’t see how awful and gorgeous the world can be.

So, it becomes easier to ignore the blind. Since their handicap isn’t obviously visible, we can pretend not to think about it. But even if they seem “normal,” they’re not. The blind have their own worlds: one that is the same as ours and another that is wholly different. It is made of different feelings, different images, different colors. I can’t see it—but perhaps I can help you imagine it.

—Stefano De Luigi