Images on alert. Here, reality breaks up into small pieces of perception that do not respond to the object perceived—but doubtless they share a common taste for astonishment.

Trauma, stupefaction, the word astonishment: in all its meanings, it signifies a shock, a perturbation. I do not believe my eyes, I do not have the words anymore. The stupor abruptly suspends the meaning of the world. This world is going down. The fact that the photographic image reminds us of this probably helps us live better among the shadows, ruins and ghosts.

—Amaury da Cunha

Editors’ Note: Amaury da Cunha was born in Paris in 1976. He graduated from the National School of Photography of Arles in 2000. He has written numerous critiques on photography and literature, notably in Le Monde des livres.

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