Ukraine, February, 2014: In the days following the successful overthrow of a despised president, the revolutionaries continue to defend the barricades in central Kiev. It is here, on this square, that they had found strength, a glimmer of hope, a new-found spark of solidarity with each other. They refuse to let the square be taken away from them. They hold their breath. In this liminal space, after the fall of an old order and before the rise of a new one, anything is possible.

A Liminal Square is a series of portraits of people from all walks of life who participated in the recent revolution in Ukraine. The portraits explore the intersection of a major historical event and the personal histories of its participants. Made with a large-format camera, the images favor a measured, steady approach to the study of rapidly evolving political events.

—Tatiana Grigorenko

Editors’ note: Listen to a 4-minute video interview with the artist, who discusses her work and her feelings of being on the ground in Ukraine during these historic moments.

This series was a finalist in the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2014. Discover all of the winners and finalists — an impressive array of portraits from many points of view.