After the Future creates a post-apocalyptic narrative. French photographer Thierry Konarzewski describes his conceptual project through the eyes of the last man left on Earth:

If our bulimic civilization were to disappear one day, suffocated, I would be the last man: the survivor, the one who trudges down the long beaches of the infinite ocean looking for a sign, looking for another. The horizon will be so empty, so deserted, that the plastic debris I run across will be the only proof of my past. I will look at it deeply, thirstily, to remember. It will be vast and precious in my eyes.

The limited color palate in these images builds a stark look at our future. As the main subject of each image, these discarded items—plastics, metals, gasoline cans—appear larger than life, giving the series a surreal undertone. Juxtaposing bleak shoreline landscapes with discarded remnants of civilization, Konarzewski makes a statement about society’s tendency for unexamined, continual consumption.

—Lauren Sarazen and Thierry Konarzewski

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