In De l’autre Côté du Miroir, Veronica Mecchia presents an inventive series of black-and-white images that play with perception, vision and the self.

Inspired by the layout of Espace Jour et Nuit’s exhibition space, and influenced by Arno Rafael Minkkinen’s work, Mecchia was particularly struck by an old staircase that connected two separate parts of the gallery. She let herself be guided by two separate, yet communicating worlds: one facing the exterior, in which you enter from the street, and the second, more familiar, like entering someone’s apartment. Thus the work is both personal and inviting, intimate yet open.

Born in Paris to Italian parents, Mecchia grew up in Milan. Her passion for photography began in high school when she saw a reflex camera for the first time. She then found her father’s camera from the 70’s tucked away in a closet and began taking pictures.

I didn’t decide to start taking photographs, I needed to: to save things from the passage of time, to capture a moment or an emotion before it vanished forever. Photography, for me, is about memory; it’s the reflection of a lost world.

—Lauren Sarazen

Editor’s Note: You can see many more photos from
De l’autre Côté du Miroir” at the Espace Jour et Nuit Culture in Paris from June 23 to June 28, 2015.