In 2013, Pixy Yijun Liao submitted a series of photographs titled, ”Experimental Relationship” to the LensCulture Exposure Awards. The photographs went on to become an internet sensation and were published around the world (Huffington Post, iGnant, BUST, Daily Life, Medium, TAXI, Escapism, Il Post—to name just a few!). Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Pixy to learn more about the making of her wonderfully inventive and unexpected series.

In Pixy’s own words: “As a woman, I used to think I can only fall in love with someone that I adore, who is maturer than me, older than me, a protector, a mentor. Then I met my boyfriend, Moro, who is five years younger…I have always doubted the stereotype of a man-woman relationship. Why does man have to be a certain way? Why should woman be a certain way?”

Enjoy the interview and then go see the whole series, in the original LensCulture feature.