Minimal architecture
Project info

Jose Conceptes presents a series of photographs which takes the minimalist space to its fullest. All are black and white, where masterfully plays with architectural elements achieving a peaceful atmosphere that transports us to dreamy spaces.
Architectural spaces through its composition are reduced to simple lines missing color, which highlight the transitions between black and white. His visions of buildings, perfect geometric proportions, are based solely on the relationship between the detail of the buildings and the sky clear and bright. They all foreign elements that surround them and allow us to focus on the pure essence of architecture are removed.
Through the collection and analysis of urban reality, the author moves to the edge of reality through extremely clean, geometrical and experimental forms, which lead us to a pure representation of the experimental space. The proliferation of large windows make the walls illuminated by sunlight, alive and dynamic spaces are recreated by the very elements that compose them, playing between geometrismo, pure abstraction and minimalism. The final result shows a loss of functionality of the structure itself and become a contrast between the natural and the artificial.