About Andrej Ban

Born 28 April 1964 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Press photographer and writing reporter. Published feature stories in national and foreign media on a regular basis. Curator for a number of exhibitions at the Month of Photography in Bratislava, writes articles on photography, lectured at the photography workshops at the Summer School of Photography in Poprad, eastern Slovakia (1995), a member of the Czech Press Photo International (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004). In 2002 winner of the grant program Photodocument.sk supported by Juraj Vaculik Creative Studio. Chairs the humanitarian organizaton People in Perill, co-founder of the slovak Documentary Photo civic association. Lives in Bratislava.

- Faculty of National Economy at the Economic University in Bratislava (1983 - 1987)
- Philosophical Faculty, Comenius University in Bratislava (1984 - 1986)

Professional Career
- reporter with Mlade roziety picture magazine (1987-1990)
- photographer with Plus 7 dni magazine (1990-1991)
- freelance photographer (1991-1992)
- reporter with Mlady svet magazine (1992-1995)
- staff reporter with Reflex magazine (1995-2001)
- INDEX book publishing house (2001-2002)
- freelance (2002-)

Pilgrims, exhibition catalogue, House of Photography Poprad, 1995
The Other Slovakia, photographic book, published by FOTOFO and Milan Simecka Foundation, 1999
The Last Book of the Century, ZIKA film publishing house, Prague, 2000
Emerging from the Shadows, SLOVART publishing house, Bratislava, 2002
Pocasle je take, ake si ho urobis, PDCS, Bratislava, 2004
S tekvicou priviazanou o nohu, PDCS, Bratislava, 2005

Andrej Ban has been working on long-term documentary photography projects:
The Other Slovakia - images oof the past and present in the everyday life of ordinary people, rituals and stereotypes, intentional and incidental feeling of being detached from the roots.
Putnici - pilgrimages as one of the most important phenomena of our times, consumerism vs spiritually, masses vs. individuals
Kosovo - on values of life and death, on extreme situations, exodus of people living one thousand km away from our doorstep, restoration of life in war-wrecked country, urge to survive, endless love and hatred

Co-authored the scripts of documentary films
Kratka pamat (Short memory), ORF, Wien, 1993, directed by: Dusan Trancik
Tisovy stiny (Tiso's Shadows), Czech Television, Bratislava, 1999, directed by: Marko Skop
Akvarium (Aquarium), People in Peril and LEON, Bratislava, 2001, directed by: Jaro Vojtek
My zdes (We are here), LEON, Bratislava, 2005, directed by: Jaro Vojtek

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