When I wanted to imprison myself within the confines of my room, when a lonely existence became deathlike, it was just then that I felt the urge to at least look at myself. Thus was born the need of a mirror.

In my mirrorless room, I looked at myself through my flatbed scanner—and soon the “eye” became “I.”

That is why my body, my mind and my beloved ones are the main subject of my new ongoing photo project.

As I continue to deconstruct and re-construct myself, the question that haunts me is, “Do these bits and pieces that constitute me—this collage of myself, my myriad emotions—my vulnerability, doubts, love, ties , obstinacy, indolence…Does the chorus of these parts add up to create a different whole, a different me or a rebirth of a soul?”

All the photos of this project were made with a flatbed scanner. I tried to explore the possibilities and the limitations of the flatbed scanner through this project.

—Abhijit Nandi