“Not all who wander are lost”

—J.R.R Tolkien

These images are really questions about home, dreams and everything between.

Photography is my emotional escape. In 2014, I moved from my hometown to study for a master’s degree and started living in another city. It has affected my life in unknown ways that I don’t fully understand—but I can feel it, something is changing.

Photography is a mundane poison that has haunted my life. My new place gave me a little bit of a “surreal” feeling. It confirms that this is my parallel life. Yesterday, I was in my hometown, but today I am already back in my second city.

Every time, it feels like dreaming. Everything that happens is so fragmental and scattered. Here, I am trying to recollect those scattered images and shapes them into a visual diary.

—Aji Susanto Anom

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