Anna Cabrera and Angel Albarrán are a pair of fine art photographers who have been working together for more than seventeen years. LensCulture had the chance to sit down with both of them at their gallery in Barcelona and learn more about their work.

Artists’ Statement

Human beings are part of the reality where they live. In fact we, human beings, are much more than this; we are the eyes of our universe. The universe is a human phenomenon and it appears to us the way it does just because we are humans.

We use our sensory system to transduce the physical world to the realm of the mind. The received information is interpreted, creating our perception of the world around us. Space, time and reality are, in fact, concepts created by us to understand our own reality.

But despite this mental capacity, it seems really difficult for us to accept and understand that we are part of this infinite reality. The same concepts that we invented to help us understand our existence become incredibly complex when we think about them in depth.

Using photography we might not be able to answer the big questions about time, reality or space, but we are interested in exploring how a photographic image can make people think about their reality. Being aware is not just an important part of life, it is life as we know it. Using photography, we want the viewers to increase empathy and arouse interest towards their reality.

—Albarrán Cabrera

Editors’ note: To see more of their beautiful, inspiring work, you can find a full feature of one of their series The Mouth of Krishna.