One of the main axes on which street photography pivots is the observation of people’s behavior: how they interact and how they interrelate, especially in urban spaces. “Fragments” is a sample of small gestures, of people absorbed and decontextualized, showing only part of the environment that surrounds them. Likewise, I portray pieces of urban space without the presence of people.

I propose in this work, then, an image of the street separated from the decisive moment, the extraordinary, and juxtapositions in the humorous tone. Rather, I look for the simple, the essential, the light, showing portraits of “anonymous,” faceless people.

A small gesture, more than a glance; a detail on the ground, rather than an urban landscape. Silence and solitude contrasted with our ever-present urban noise.

—Alberte A Pereira

Editors’ note: “Fragments” was chosen as the 2nd place series winner in the Street Photography Awards 2017. See all of the inspiring work by the 37 winners, finalists and jurors’ picks!