Alex Liverani has created a striking series of triptychs, each filled with stolen moments captured around Japan. This work is both whimsical and grounded in tone. With clever framing and masterful editing that never feels contrived, each triptych can stand on its own or live within a rich, evocative series. That, to me, is a rarity.

—Christy Havranek, LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2018 Juror

Three colored balls skewered together on a stick make up the most famous Japanese dessert: dango.

“Hana yori Dango.” This is a Japanese saying that literally translates to “Dango rather than flowers.” The expression is used to describe people who participate in hanami, the custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, especially during the season of the cherry blossoms, or Sakura. However, the people often seem to be more interested in eating or drinking than appreciating the beauty of the flowers.

In simple terms, “Hana yori Dango” refers to those who prefer the practical over the aesthetic.

—Alex Liverani