Non-verbal communication and unspoken languages affect the way we understand, interpret or misinterpret each other. Described as the sending and receiving of wordless clues, non-verbal communication includes indicators such as body language, gesture and movements.

The Path of an Honest Man conducts a visual study into the hidden language of lying to find commonalities in universal gestures and visual cues. A lie is to make a false statement with deliberate intent to deceive—an intentional untruth, a falsehood. The lie generally aims at creating a false image of a situation or person, something photography inherently does.

Ultimately, this series explores this relationship by looking at visual deception and the role of visual clues. The work looks to the role of the 1950s salesman for inspiration. By understanding a time where methods of persuasion were taught and mastered, the work questions whether lying and deception is a visual code—one that could be understood and ultimately mastered.

—Alexandra Lethbridge

Editor’s Note: Alexandra Lethbridge was selected as a Finalist in this year’s LensCulture Art Photography Awards. To browse the work of all the other Finalists, as well as the Winners and Juror’s Picks, click here.