“Berlin Bhf” (bahnhof) was inspired by the experiences, visions, stories and expectations of Hungarian authors. The concepts are rooted in intimate issues of my personal life—here, I emphasize Berlin as a transitory place, a habitat of passengers, the temporary home for both these authors and me.

I’m interested in the dialogue between photography and literature. Each photo has a literary quote, and these texts are inspirational and give a general atmosphere. The scenes take places in different interiors of Berlin and Budapest. They show feelings and relationships through these moments of transition. I wanted to emphasize the commonality of rootlessness and alienation, the permanent feeling of being an outcast, and the desire to be integrated.

These images also articulate my sense of self as a woman, specifically through problematic multiple self-definitions: mother, daughter, lover, etc. I’m interested in exploring femininity and the female identity. My work transports the viewer into a feminine surrealist wonderland, a fairytale-like environment that explores the “in-between,” the tension that lies within both the physical and psychological spaces of the female identity.

“Berlin Bhf” talks about history and memories as fictional places that only exist for a moment—it shows misplaced and unsettling situations where people are uprooted from their origins, loved ones, and center of gravity.

—Anna Tihanyi

Editors’ Note: This project was recognized by the jury of the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2016—don’t miss the work from all 50 of these outstanding, international talents!

Tihanyi’s work was also selected during Photolucida as a Critical Mass Top 50 winner and will be part of the group exhibition curated by David Rosenberg. It will open on April 7th and close on May 2nd, 2017. Berlin Bhf will also be part of the Denver Month of Photography.