Located on Spain’s eastern Mediterranean coast, Benidorm has been one of the most famous summer destinations in the country since its port was extended in 1925, resulting in a number of hotels popping up for use by visiting vacationers. While popular tourist destinations are often avoided by the creatively-inclined, photographer Bambi No Muere approaches these concentrated areas as a hotpot of visual information, all waiting to be recorded with her camera.

She explains, “Benidorm is one of the most famous Spanish cities to spend your summer holidays at, and it’s a place that I know very well. I have spent many summers there, and I’ve always been surprised by the bad reputation its beach has for always being too full of people. It’s funny because this is actually its greatest advantage for me. I love looking at people!”

No Muere’s resulting images are intensely contrasted and saturated fragments of beach life, abstracted in her framing, which cuts off information deemed crucial in traditional portraiture. Snippets of passersby and subjects from a range of perspectives offer a fresh take on the overstimulation that often comes with visiting a heavily-populated beach on a hot summer’s day.

Pink Ribbon. I loved her when I saw her walking along the shore. She was radiant - an older woman always looks great in pink. © Bambi No Muere, Series Finalist, LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2017

And this is exactly the point. Reflecting on her visual perspective, No Muere explains, “I always had the feeling that people don’t see the same beach that I see. Benidorm is a beautiful, giant beach, full of colour and fantastic characters. And all of these are full of their own lovely imperfections. That is the purpose of Candy Beach: to show a piece of Benidorm as I see it - as I feel it. Full of light and colour, and full of life and real beauty.”