Some people seem to be tuned in to a sixth sense that gives them an uncanny ability to "channel" psychic predictions and fortune telling. Photographer Beth Lilly believes she has access to a sixth sense, and her mode of divination is the camera in her cell phone.

So get this: On the seventh day of every month, Beth Lilly clears her calendar of business commitments and goes about her day running errands and doing some rather mundane chores. While she is out and about, if her special cell phone rings, she stops what she's doing and answers the phone. The person on the other end (usually a stranger) says, "I want a reading." Lilly replies, "OK, but don't tell me your question yet, just give me your email address. I will email the results of your reading, and only then you can tell me your question. At that point I will finish the reading with my interpretation."

They hang up. Lilly looks around wherever she happens to be when she gets the call. She tries to be sensitive to signs and things that seem to be calling out to her. She makes three photographs in fairly rapid succession with her cell phone camera, and emails the triptych to the caller.

Just like horoscopes or tea leaves, the results are often wide open to interpretation. But more often than not, the things that "call out to be photographed" seem strangely appropriate when the seeker's question is finally revealed.

While she won't answer definitively about how psychic her work is, Lilly does claim that being forced to stop at anytime anywhere to make three photos on the spot seems to have sharpened her eye as a photographer.

You can get more details at her website.

Cheers, and good luck! — Jim Casper