“A World Beyond Nations”—the Danube River has been defined by Claudio Magris as a plural and supranational koiné shaping a German, Magyar, Slavic, Romance and Jewish Mitteleuropa.

During 2012, I followed the course of the Danube, through Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria to its delta, in Romania, where the land becomes extinguished in the Black Sea. A journey to the periphery and a symbolic route that raised questions: Where does Europe end? Which are its political and cultural boundaries? What is the core of European identity?

There is a very strong link between people and the land they inhabit. Beneath political boundaries, there lies states beyond any such official divisions. I found that along the river, the idea of “Europe” became fluid and elusive, fragmented in the everyday life of people and places.

The everyday, small actions are parts of my story. The road I went through is made by simple and fragile events related to the river.

—Camilla De Maffei