These images are from an ongoing personal project on couples who belong to the “mod scene”, a subculture that originated in Britain in the late fifties, and became very popular during the sixties. 

While their style is what catches the eye at first, my interest in developing this project goes well beyond their appearance. The subculture and all of its elements — the fashion, the music, the scooters — only provide the framework for this project. 

From an outsider point of view, I am trying to get a glimpse of their identity beyond the “mask” and to portray them for who they are, rather than for what they wear. I decided to focus on couples because I am fascinated by the way their identities blend together to produce something larger than the sum of its parts. I am also quite interested in the relationship between a person and his or her surrounding environment, in seeing how they complement each other. 

Consequently, I took elaborate planning out of the equation when making these pictures: the couples chose what to wear and where to be photographed. The world depicted in the pictures is entirely the world they have created for themselves.

— Carlotta Cardana