In every frame, Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes is the subject—even when the sculptural creations appear as abstract concepts or when she recedes into the folds of the enveloping materials—her body remains ever-present.

Throughout her work, Paredes succeeds in transforming herself into an expression of her interiority. Her body, a blank canvas, serves as an empty vessel to reflect both her surroundings and her feelings. For example, in the first photo above, at a moment when she has almost completely disappeared into the folds and tendrils of a dark, damask fabric—her unmissable eyes draw us into the frame and give us an entry point through which we can engage, on a human level.

Artist’s Statement

Part of what makes us human is our ability to see beyond the narrow door through which we enter the world—to grow beyond the culture of our birth by recognizing other cultures, other patterns of life. Yet our birth culture is always imprinted upon us; the mystery of identity is never fully resolved. We are always from a time and place to which we can never return.

—Cecilia Paredes