Photography is not for the satisfaction of others. Neither is it some kind of responsibility or mission. It is a means to fill a personal void.

—Chang Chao-Tang

As a high school student, Chang Chao-Tang picked up his camera and began to shoot—and he has not stopped since. Over the decades, his output of images reveal transcendence amidst the commonplace, intimacy amidst alienation, humor amidst the absurd. They reflect the photographer’s acute observations and earnest understanding, his substantial concern and empathy.

His career, spanning more than 50 years, has encompassed photography, television programs, documentary films and dramas. His works not only put us in touch with the pulse of his age, but are also far-reaching witnesses to history. Besides his own work, he has organized, edited and written books on Taiwanese photographers and photography. With unflagging dedication, he has worked to pass on, build up and promote the legacy of both still photography and motion pictures, guiding the less experienced, making considerable contributions and casting a long shadow in his field.

Chang’s first comprehensive retrospective solo exhibition, “Time: The Images of Chang Chao-Tang” presents over 400 works of photography from 1959 to today (including contact prints, a series of previously unreleased portraits, and a set of images taken from digital cameras and cell phones), as well as eight documentaries and television episodes…Together they comprise a complete picture of Chang Chao-Tang’s aesthetic and achievements in art.

—Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Editor’s Note: The exhibition “Time: The Images of Chang Chao-Tang” was shown at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2013. The exhibition was shown as a slideshow projection at this year’s Angkor Photography Festival and Workshops. The event was part of the IPA (Invisible Photographer Asia) special evening, dedicated to Hong Kong and Taiwanese photographers.