Outside a scrap metal yard in Austin, Texas, a worn dumpster stopped me in my tracks. Dints, cuts, rust and paint melded together on metal to create a composition reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting. I was struck that a vessel for our waste could create the same aesthetic intrigue as a work of art. This irony was the inspiration for "Wasted Expressions", a collection of abstract images found on dumpsters throughout Texas.

Metal recycling centers, construction and demolition sites, and random street corners became my studios. Containers of refuse posed as my subjects. Encounters with heavy machinery created gestures. Rust served as paint. Time cultivated texture. Dumpsters had been transformed into canvases of painterly abstractions.

Despite the intricacies found in each picture, the photographic technique I used was rather simple. Each photo was taken with the camera perpendicular to the side of the dumpster. The objective of this technique was to present the worn metal as a flat canvas, diminishing as much of the photographic element as possible. Then, to heighten the ambiguity of the photograph, the image was printed on textured German etching paper, completing the transformation of the dumpster into a newly recycled object.

— Charlie Ferguson