About Charlie Ferguson

Charlie is a self-taught photographer from Houston, Texas. He began learning to photograph by shooting musicians at local concert venues in Austin while attending the University of Texas. He later worked as a staff photographer for The Daily Texan newspaper where he won a Society of Professional Journalists “Mark of Excellence” award. His photography has since taken him from the streets of São Paulo, Brazil to the sugar cane fields of Nicaragua, while his work has ranged from black and white photo documentaries to color abstracts. He lives in Austin, Texas.


2011 “Wasted Expressions”, L Nowlin Gallery, Austin, TX.
2009 “Street Impressions”, Vaughan Christopher Gallery, Houston, TX.
2003 “Morador de Rua”, Projex Gallery, Austin, TX.
2003 “Avenida Paulista: Street Level”, University of Texas, Austin, TX.

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