Quiet moments, tender thoughts, wistful emptiness make up our love songs. Raindrops on misty windowpanes, the cool breeze of dusk, dry leaves, fill our odes to belonging. We pine. Almost inaudibly we whisper, I miss you. Intimacy is most intensely felt through absence. The warmth of togetherness, shared secrets, discovered moments remind us of how it had been. I miss you, we whisper again. Intimacy is personal. Bitter sweet. Painful. Exuberant. Wondrous.

The 8th edition of Bangladesh's photography festival Chobi Mela will focus on the theme of Intimacy. Featuring the work of more than 30 artists (hailing from 22 different countries), the festival's artistic program will offer an exciting mix of Asian and international work, by familiar names and relative newcomers.

On the side of "big names," this year's festival headliners include Magnum photographer Larry Towell and the legendary Bangladeshi photographer Anwar Hossain as well as the world-renowned book designer Teun van der Heijden and the New York Times Lens Blog editor James Estrin. These prominent guests will show their work and also offer Artist Talks, Portfolio Reviews and Workshops.

The festival will also seek innovative ways of engaging with the local audiences. One of the curators, ASM Rezaur Rahman said, "We are experimenting with locations by taking exhibitions to alternative places like a half-abandoned theater or the library of Old Dhaka to create a dialogue between the city and photography." Besides these new (old) locations, there will also be "mobile exhibitions"—moving photography shows, mounted on rickshaw vans, that will take the exhibitions from door to door, all across the city of Dhaka.

Since 2000, Chobi Mela has established itself as one of the premiere photography events in Asia. This edition promises to be as strong as ever—don't miss out!


Editor's note: The festival will be run from January 23 through February 5, 2015. You will find much more information about the diverse programming and packed schedule by visiting the
festival's website.