Collage has its roots in the early 20th century art. Picasso, Braque and Duchamp, then Dada artists Man Ray and Francis Picabia, ran with the concept, creating surreal avant-garde pieces. Many others have continued the art form over the years. Christopher Scott Richey’s new series of found object photography collage, mounted on heavy paper or discarded book covers, continues exploring this artistic niche.

Creating unusual contrasts and juxtapositions, his work blends a variety of decades. Each image is a mélange of materials: black-and-white photography, printed wallpaper, scraps of letters, vintage stamps, excerpts from textbooks, and picture postcards outlined with rough brushstrokes of neon paint. These pieces create a visually stimulating analysis of time and memory merging on the page. Unique titles, often taken from one aspect of the image, give us a glimpse into the focus of each piece, sending the viewer on a visual game of hide-and-seek.

—Lauren Sarazen