We dwell in the indefiniteness of reality. With the certainty that everything can be atherwise and the uncertainty that what we believe to be real really is so. In that way of feelling, everything that could define us, everything that at another time we could resort to in order to cling to the certainty of knowing who we are, vanishes. Gender, sings of identity, the appearance of our surroundings, impossible landscapes that man builds with his advanced technologies and with the misery of overdevelopment.

Concha Pérez builds non-existent yet not impossible spaces. With digital imaging applied to photography virtually anything is possible and the doubt about what is real and what is imagined becomes a shadow that covers any imagined sun. Cybernetic places that are familiar to us, armchairs in the middle of the street, the sea as an inhabited place, a lone chair in a quarry…. Places of uncertainty in which the presence of man bestows them with a certain logic, which makes us see them as something possible, yet without the assurance of having been there, places that we believe we have seen in some film, perhaps in some dream, but that work in our subconscious as preambles of future landscapes.

— Rosa Olivares

Concha Perez was one of three photographers chosen to represent Spain in 2008 at the nightlong projection of photographs from 27 European countries at the Rencontres Festival in Arles.